RMC Certification

Customers these days are more demanding and seek quality assurance on the product producers. By getting your Company accredited, it will open its doors to customers who are prepared to spend money on getting products already certified by a CB. The customers will have the confidence in the quality of the products which you are providing and this will enable you to build trust between you and your customer.

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Our Certification Services

Our Policy Statement for Quality

• ADMATERIALS is an independent legal entity that fully recognizes the importance of ensuring impartiality and maintaining confidentiality with the Company management structured to safeguard these aspects, as well as enabling the participation of all parties significantly concerned in the development of policies and principles regarding the content and functioning of the certification system.

• Policies have been developed to avoid all risks where practicable and to manage those risks which cannot be entirely eradicated.

• ADMATERIALS provides third party certification of product conformity with national requirements for producers of ready-mixed concrete.

• As a Certification Body, ADMATERIALS provides third party certification of the quality management systems (QMS), product conformity and factory production control of Ready-Mixed Concrete (RMC) products and processes.

• As a Certification Body, ADMATERIALS does not offer or provide management system consultancy, and will not provide certification for at least 2 years where internal audit services for the activity to be certified have been provided.

• As a Certification Body, ADMATERIALS does not offer or provide supply or design products of the type it certifies

• As a Certification Body, ADMATERIALS does not give advice or provide consultancy services to the applicant as to the methods of dealing with matters which are barriers to the certification requested

• ADMATERIALS shall not provide any other products or services which could compromise the confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality of its certification process and decisions

• As a Certification Body, ADMATERIALS will be responsible for granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing certification.

Our Policy Objectives for Quality

•  provide independent, impartial, professional and focused third party certification, which will provide added value to client organizations by complimenting business aims and objectives through support to QMS and/or factory production control processes;

• conduct its assessment and certification processes in accordance with the criteria of ISO/IEC 65 (General Requirements for Agencies Applying Product Certification Systems), Singapore Standard SS ISO 19011:2002 (Guidelines for Quality and/or Environmental Management System Auditing) and ISO 17025 (General requirements presented to position of information on probation and metrological laboratories);

• maintain accreditation as a Certification Body from SAC SPRING Singapore;

• be recognized by major RMC producers as providing the highest standards of certification services associated with the production and application of the material;

• operate responsibly, openly, impartially and objectively, in applying uniform standards to all certified companies and applicants alike;

• conduct operations in an effective and efficient manner, and to maintain the integrity of certification activities by the use of trained and competent management, assessment and support staff;

• deal with any complaint in an appropriate and timely manner, and where the complaint is justifiable make every effort to resolve the issue;

• ensure the security of the records that it holds and to maintain confidentiality of any information obtained as part of the assessment process;

• co-operates with partners both in Singapore and overseas, to participate actively in the process of forming a national and international construction / environment movement.

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