Testing Services

Admaterials, your one-stop laboratory service platform. Even if your requested test is not included in our core tests below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Because, having an extensive network of associate laboratories will only mean that no matter your request, no matter the test, customers' requests will be satisfied, be it by us or our associates.

Away with the hassle of coordinating with multiple laboratories; Away with the troubles of liaising with multiple project managers. Just 1 laboratory, Just Admaterials.

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Our Services

Site Investigation & Failure Analysis

The scope of our Site Investigation includes:
    - Corrosion Status of Concrete Structure
    - Carbonation Depth
    - Chloride Content of Concrete Structure
    - Adhesion Bonding Strength of Coating and Paints
    - Adhesion Bonding Strength of Tiling
    - Waterproofing Membrane
    - Sealant

The scope of our Failure Analysis includes:
    - Fire damage
    - Structure distress
    - Leaks and dampness in structure
    - Cracking of concrete structure
    - Concrete problem
       (delay setting, low strength, cracking, water seepage,
          ASR, Chemical attack, delayed Ettrigite)

    - Tiling failure
    - Stone problems
       (breakage, pitting, discoloration, staining, cracking)
    - Staining of building
    - Paint/coating defects
       (blistering, peeling, flaking, chalking)
    - Flooring failure
       (pitting, abrasion wear, cracking, debonding, peeling)


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