RMC Certification

Customers these days are more demanding and seek quality assurance on the product producers. By getting your Company accredited, it will open its doors to customers who are prepared to spend money on getting products already certified by a CB. The customers will have the confidence in the quality of the products which you are providing and this will enable you to build trust between you and your customer.

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Our Certification Services

About Ready-Mix Concrete Certification

On 6 April 2009, Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), in conjunction with Building & Construction Authority (BCA) announced the accreditation scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) certification. The certification will apply to all plants supplying ready-mixed concrete for structural use in Singapore, including those used in casting of precast structural elements manufactured locally or overseas. This accredited certification process by SAC will commence in January 2010 with a grace period of 9 months before it is made a requirement by Building Control Regulations by October 2010. Click here to see the circular issued by BCA on 4 Jan 2010.

Admaterials Technologies Pte Ltd is one of the accredited Certification Bodies (CBs) by SAC for the RMC product certification. Admaterials is able to provide certification of RMC suppliers to SS EN 206-1, SS 544-1, SS 544-2 and SAC certification criteria “CT 06 - SAC Criteria for Ready-Mixed Concrete Producers"